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The European  remote team you are 
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Welcome to our "Why us?" page! 
This is a big thing for us and for you. This is where we'll find out if we are made for each other, if our mission and vision matches your needs and your brand values.

So, we are very happy to see you here and have the opportunity to tell you about our story, who we are and why we are good at what we do !


Our Mission 

Outsourcing agency with a soul


Customer First Europe is an outsourcing agency specialized in Freelancers experts in Lead generation outbound and customer service management & support among other related tasks.


We provide solutions to small or medium sized companies and entrepreneurs in need of fast and efficient results for their groiwng s businesses as we understand the urge to compete with large companies and the unavoidablness to cut operation and sales cost. 

With experts in Customer Care, Marketing, lead Generation and Social media, form all European countries we cover all the communication from  pre-sales to CS and behond

You are the heart and veine of you business, no one knows your product better than you, we allow you to focus on what really matter by taking care of side projects, sales and customer service.


We are a team of Remote passionated multi-langual freelancers.

A pool of world class talents who speak your customers' language, understand their culture & most importantly, are familiar with your brand.

Our approach is to craft tailor-made outsourcing solutions, where we can digitize workflow but humanize communications.

Our purpose was to help and coach freelancers to improve their skills in their domains and find the right company to collaborate with...

it is not just a questions of core competencies but personality, affinity with team and products. Our freelancers benefit of an ongoing training and coaching to insure quality work in all time.



Depends on your satisfaction!

Our reputation and success as an agency depend on your and your client's satisfaction. It is crucial for us to make you happy and the key to our growth.

Our Story

Customer First Europe was founded by Lucie Jimenez. The concept of the agency is to put people first at all times.


 With 12 years of entrepreneurial experience, 10+ years as a remote freelancer, and having lived in 4 countries, Lucie has witnessed the need and difficulties for businesses to find and hire the right collaborators. It was clear that outsourcing freelancers would be the solution, especially in the post-covid era.

After a decade of observing, practicing, & implementing Customer First Europe agency was created with the intention to provide companies with solutions for their growing business in Europe.


Lucie's passion is her work, improving, learning, and networking are so stimulating to her. Her agency was the continuity of her passion for freedom, travel, and work.


As we slowly grow into a small dedicated team of freelancers from all backgrounds and cultures, this is clearly our strength. 


We do not do Customer Service. We learn to know each other and become friends with the client.

We do not sell. We advise, we speak from the heart to truly bring value to our client's customers and only if he needs your services or products.

We put people first by humanizing all communication and exchange. You will never feel like you are just a number. 


We value quality over quantity and take pride in every little step we take, and that is why we stay a small but unique team.

Who we are


To create an agency that keeps up with the demands of an ever-changing world for our clients and freelancers.


We truly believe that remote working and flexible hours are the way forward in this post covid digital age.

We aim to offer our clients a tailor-made solution to fit the needs of their business at any given time.

To our freelancers, we provide full training and support and the freedom to work remotely from anywhere in the world. We strive to bring the human touch to online work.




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